Excel file, Notepad, Sticky Notes, Not in CRM
April 10, 2023

Research Notes – Three reasons to streamline

Excel file, Notepad, Sticky Notes, Not in CRM

Here is your Enterprise/Mid-Market account book of 150 Accounts for this quarter

“your friendly manager:)”

Sounds familiar?

So, you get down to browsing different websites for doing account research. And and start making notes about your target accounts.

Now, what do you do next?

  1. Make notes in your Notepad, and hope that you recall them when you’re creating personalized messages
  2. Write down key points, and send to yourself on WhatsApp or Slack 🙂
  3. Use pen-and-paper and store them in your paper Notepad, wishing that it doesn’t get lost in the pile on your desk
  4. Note them down in an Excel file or a Googlesheet

If any of these sound familiar to you, rest assured that you have A LOT of company!

Do all the research, make the notes, but don’t get them in your workspace, huh?

Here is a question – from where do you run your outreach?

  1. Notepad / Excel file / Googlesheet
  2. Salesloft / Outreach / other SEP
  3. Salesforce / Hubspot / other CRM
  4. Magic / Secret / IDK
  5. Something else …

If you chose #1, #4 or #5, I’m sorry, you have ~0 company!!

Every time you made a note somewhere, do you recall your mind making a note that you wished for it to appear

  • in #2 or #3
  • instantly

and not have to pay for it?

Too many notes? Need them in your CRM? No problem anymore…

Save Notes Anywhere on the Web, Get them in your CRM/SEP, Instantly, Free!

Save Notes Anywhere on the Web, get them in CRM/SEP, Instantly, Free!

Three reasons to streamline your research

  1. Get research notes where you need them – CRM or SEP
  2. Get these notes as and when you save them – Instantly
  3. Do not pay for yet another Note-taking tool that makes your computer slower and your wallet lighter, but doesn’t make your CRM smarter!!

Want to get in on the ground floor? Get started with B2Brain for Chrome now!

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