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Connected Manufacturing Forum 2024: Leveraging Insights with B2Brain

Optimize your impact at Downstream USA 2024 with B2Brain’s insights. Use detailed company data to refine outreach and drive growth at this leading petrochemical event.

Downstream USA 2024

Optimize your impact at Downstream USA 2024 with B2Brain’s insights. Use detailed company data to refine outreach and drive growth at this leading petrochemical event.

DIA Global Annual Meeting 2024

Maximize your impact at DIA Global 2024 with B2Brain’s insights. Use detailed company data to enhance your outreach and drive growth at this leading healthcare event.

Carbon Capture Technology (CCUS) Expo North America 2024

Attending the CCUS Expo North America on 26, 27 June 2024 at Houston, TX? Make the most of the expo, with insights on exhibitors and sponsors.

TechConnect World 2024

Attending the TechConnect World 2024 on 17-19 June 2024 at Washington DC.? Make the most of the event, with insights on exhibitors and sponsors.

Modex 2024

Make the most of Modex 2024 supply chain warehousing logistics automation robotics event in Atlanta GA March 2024

Account Insights for Charles River Laboratories

If you’re providing solutions to streamline processes for pharmaceutical companies, especially those looking to collaborate with Charles River Laboratories, you’re in the right space.

Account Insights for Sealed Air Corporation

In the realm of B2B sales, focusing on quality and relevance is crucial, especially with enterprise prospects like Sealed Air Corporation. Check out latest insights.

Account Insights for Pembina Pipeline

If you’re offering solutions to simplify operations for oil and gas companies, particularly those eyeing opportunities with Pembina Pipeline Corporation, you’re in the right place.

Account Insights from Americold

Offering solutions that streamline processes in industries like Americold’s? You’re in the right place – just make sure you’re speaking their language.

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12% higher responses with personalization using B2Brain intel.

The quality of insights and leads improved the personalization significantly for Auditoria’s prospects.

B2Brain is the tool to have if you are in sales! The lead B2Brain sent me was  the perfect persona with an account I had been trying to get into for months.

At Lightlytics, Context is King. B2Brain effortlessly supplies relevant context and leads, allowing our messaging to be personalized and efficient.

Until B2Brain, I never understood how to be so "personalized" and scale a high volume of accounts. This tool solves that nicely and will be relevant for most SDR teams.

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