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Most customers bag one deal to cover B2Brain’s yearly cost. Yup, the ROI is HUGEEEEEE.
Want to see for yourself? Calculate your ROI from B2Brain.

B2Brain (almost) Free Forever

3 steps to make your $$ go longer by referring B2Brain to your colleagues and to your network.

  1. Start a trial
  2. Subscribe to a discounted plan from your B2Brain dashboard (not available for non-trial users, btw)
  3. Refer your colleagues and other sales people (put your network to amazing use)
    1. For each new trial from your referral, get 1 extra month on your subscription!
    2. That’s not all – the new trial user also gets 1 extra month when they upgrade to a paid plan.

How cool is that?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many intels can I expect per account?

Your intel-feed for each tracked account is constantly updated as and when something new happens in that account. Every account is different and there’s usually no right number.

How can I get more accounts to track for free?

Use the unique link in your B2Brain dashboard to invite your friends and colleagues. For every referral who sets up a trial, you get 1 extra month on your plan!

My platform is not supported. Can I still use B2Brain?

Absolutely! Also, if your platform isn’t supported, we’d be happy to build support for it. We usually turn it around within a week.

How can I use intels for my outreach?

Every intel contains Talking Points and Recommended Leads. They are meant to help you build the right talk track for the right person within the account. Good luck!

How do I calculate B2Brain’s impact on our pipeline?

We thought you might like to see this ROI Calculator to figure out what sort of impact B2Brain can have on your investment and your pipeline.

Got any more questions?

Feel free to reach out and we’ll sort it out right away!

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