Your sales team’s companion for automated account intelligence.

Know exactly what you get with B2Brain to put your best pitch forward.

10 accounts. 14 days. No credit card.

Beyond daily dials, hits, and misses.

Intel and Highlights
Get an accurate view of your key accounts. B2Brain shares Intel from credible, public sources that are relevant for you. Also, stay up-to-date with the current affairs of your accounts with Highlights.

Personalize your Intel
Get ALL types of insight into key accounts. Company plans, deals, finance, hiring, expansion, product launches, media, fundraising, and anything else out there.

Don’t settle for robotic pitches
Move away from repetitive, dull pitches that tank your sale. With B2Brain, make your pitch personal and relevant to your prospect’s needs.

You’ve got the Intel. Now what?

Talking points
B2Brain uses Intel and presents bite-sized, ready-to-use talking points that have been personalized for your business offerings. Make your best pitch and run with it!

Integrate with your CRM
Don’t worry about jumping software when everything you need is in one place. B2Brain integrates with leading CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Freshworks, Salesloft, and many more.

You’ve got the pitch. B2Brain has the Leads.

Recommended Leads
Reach the right people with a single click. Get their business email, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, base location without any manual effort.

Manage your ICP
Configure important details like Function, Seniority, Titles of your ideal customer, and leave the rest to B2Brain.

Import leads to CRM
Import your leads from B2Brain to your favorite CRMs or SEPs with a single click.

Win as a team. Close deals together.

Collaborate with your team
Share intel with specific team members by adding their emails or simply copy the link and share via other channels like Email or Slack.

Analytics dashboard
Manage your team seamlessly on B2Brain. Get a sense of how they leverage Intel, Talking points, and Leads.

Getting started with B2Brain is easy.

Integrate with your CRM or SEP
Receive all intel and lead information directly in your preferred CRM or sales engagement platform.

Track accounts
Just add your account names or websites and forget about them. B2Brain will notify you when new intel is available.

Central dashboard
B2Brain works directly in your internet browser. No need to download tons of apps to get your hands on the best account intelligence.

Formulate your best pitch with B2Brain.

10 accounts. 14 days. No credit card.