Events, Trade Shows and Conferences bring your prospects and customers together.

Use the in person time to build a fantastic pipeline for your business.

Discover accounts with high intent for your business that are exhibiting at the next event – for Free!

Going or been to any of these?

Downstream USA 2024


Organised by Reuters Events (

CCUS Expo North America 2024


Organised by TransGlobal Events (

TechConnect World 2024


Organised by TechConnect (

The Connected Worker Houston

Organised by Oil & Gas IQ (

Automate 2024

Organised by A3 Association for Advancing Automation (

Modex 2024


Organised by the Materials Handling Institute (


Organised by Shoptalk, this is a retail technology show that takes place in Las Vegas every year.

People do business with People

There is a reason B2B is also H2H – human to human

#1 When you are selling to business leaders and operations leaders in industry verticals, it is important to build a strong rapport and relationship with them

#2 Trade Shows and Events are a great way to meet them, build a human connection, and establish a relationship

#3 Prospects and Customers want to know that you “understand” their business objectives, and that they can “trust” you – in person events enable them very well

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Build rapport, with human connection and relationship

Meeting + Networking + Fun => Pipeline

At events, meet, network, have fun and smartly build your pipeline

Being prepared in advance makes the face time worth every second

#1 Events are neither “all work and no play” nor “all play and no work

#2 Prepare to accomplish business goals – prospecting, learning from customers, understanding market trends, building new connections and getting inspired by leaders

#3 Network, have fun at the parties, meet many people, but don’t forget that your company will expect pipeline from you, for the investments made

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So, how can B2Brain help you?

Use Account Intent + Insights from B2Brain to build your pipeline

#1 Ready to head out and meet prospects & customers at the next B2B event? Busy with the prep, booth, logistics, swag, party invites, travel and more?

#2 Not had much time to figure out which are the “must meet” prospects and customers, or discover who might take you past quota this quarter?

#3 Coordinating for booth / stall time slots, meeting venues, tickets, all while taking care of personal stuff?

B2Brain “literally” prepares the cliff notes, the cheat sheets or dossier that you need at the next event

Want to learn more?

Insights on your target accounts, prospects and customers

Learn how B2Brain customers gather account intelligence automatically.

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Connected Manufacturing Forum 2024: Leveraging Insights with B2Brain

Optimize your impact at Downstream USA 2024 with B2Brain’s insights. Use detailed company data to refine outreach and drive growth at this leading petrochemical event.

Downstream USA 2024

Optimize your impact at Downstream USA 2024 with B2Brain’s insights. Use detailed company data to refine outreach and drive growth at this leading petrochemical event.

DIA Global Annual Meeting 2024

Maximize your impact at DIA Global 2024 with B2Brain’s insights. Use detailed company data to enhance your outreach and drive growth at this leading healthcare event.

Carbon Capture Technology (CCUS) Expo North America 2024

Attending the CCUS Expo North America on 26, 27 June 2024 at Houston, TX? Make the most of the expo, with insights on exhibitors and sponsors.

TechConnect World 2024

Attending the TechConnect World 2024 on 17-19 June 2024 at Washington DC.? Make the most of the event, with insights on exhibitors and sponsors.

Modex 2024

Make the most of Modex 2024 supply chain warehousing logistics automation robotics event in Atlanta GA March 2024

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