Account level sequences - tailored for each target account, just like dietary preferences for each customer
September 26, 2023

Why the same sequence for all accounts when you have unique insights on them?

Account level sequences - tailored for each target account, just like dietary preferences for each customer

You want to engage each account in your list, so that they turn into opportunities. To do this, you research them and try to find unique insights for outreach. Yet, your sequence to all accounts in a cohort looks similar!! Why?

Observations from product walkthrough

In recent product demonstrations, a common question has surfaced:

Can Talking Points (TPs) be seamlessly integrated into emails?

It’s a valid question. Yet, we believe message quality and relevance should get priority over automation. Blindly inserting the TPs can risk subpar messages and a less-than-ideal prospect experience.

Many users mention that the value of TPs that they get from B2Brain is undeniable. So it is natural to ponder how you might be able to use them in your messaging. And therein lies the challenge.

We noticed that this is a point of friction that sometimes holds users back from fully deriving value from the TPs.

It’s disheartening to witness valuable insights, including TPs, left untapped. Users occasionally default to generic, templated email sequences that fade into the background. In a world where prospects are inundated with a barrage of messages, it’s crucial to break free from the ordinary.

Can’t we do better with prospects?

Now, picture yourself in your prospect’s shoes. They can spot a sequence email from miles away. Recognizing this, we embarked on a mission to discover a better way—especially since B2Brain offers unique and contextual insights for each target account.

Imagine you can generate a sequence of crisp messages for a target account, that are full of contextual insights about the account. And with simple and non-salesy Subject Lines. Messages that are ready for you to send out to each target account and expect significantly higher engagement from them (opens, replies).

Most importantly, they showcase a unique insight you have about the prospect, so these don’t smell like templated sequence emails. Curious?

So what can you do now?

Enter “Account-based Cadences” – our solution to empower you.

With a single click, you gain access to fully prepared email sequences tailored to your preferred tone—be it formal, informal, or succinct. These sequences utilise the TPs that users find compelling and unique across their sales stack.

The beauty of it all? The Integration is effortless. You can even use them for emails, LinkedIn messages, or call scripts.

If you are the kind that favors status quo and don’t want to upset the apple cart, stay with your current one-size-fits-all sequence.

For every one else, here’s your invite to demonstrate empathy with prospects, showcase your research and insights, and build a faster pipeline – start a trial with B2Brain and get account based cadences right off the bat.

Got more thoughts on how we can up the SDR/BDR game? Let’s talk. 🚀

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