August 26, 2021

One million reasons to make sales people more successful

Millions of sales people worldwide are coming to terms with Remote Sales + the Digitalization of Sales Stack.

Sales people today are even more tech-powered than ever before.

Yet, account intelligence is hard to access!

SDRs and AEs still go around google and linkedin, poring through search results, web pages and documents, looking for interesting insights about their target accounts!

What they need is intelligence and insights customized to their own business. This is a big gap for B2B sales teams chasing enterprise and mid-market deals.

B2Brain solves this problem of delivering contextual account intelligence. We realise this is a hard problem and a significant technology challenge that can have outsized impact on the sales world.

“B2Brain has completely transformed our research process and delivered amazing account insights that we use to build our pipeline. We love how their team is always willing to learn fast, solve a large problem for inside sales, and evolve with us.” says one of B2Brain’s early customers, Augie Hoffmann. Augie is the Head of Sales Development at FourKites, the #1 global supply chain visibility platform.

With customers like Augie, we now have One Million more reasons to make our users and customers more successful.

We are excited to welcome Ideaspring Capital and Arka Venture Labs as partners in the B2Brain journey as we announce an $1M Seed round.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey. We are thankful to our customers, employees, partners, investors and above all, our families.

B2Brain is a user-first product, designed to make the individual sales person more effective and build a faster pipeline. Like our brains, we are building B2Brain to be a fast-learner of your business and your market, so that it can help you sooner, better and more!

If you are a sales rep or sales manager doing B2B outbound sales targeting Mid Market or Enterprise, try for free, with 10 target accounts. We want to help you become more effective and successful.

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