July 11, 2021

Football / Soccer, Tennis, Cricket 👟 and more Technology!

There was so much technology on display – from VARs to geo-targeted stadium advertising to Ultra Edge and so on.

“So what?”

A few days ago, I heard about Justin Michael‘s upcoming book – Tech Powered Sales. It makes for an exciting read about how Technology is permeating Sales.

Machines are taking over various parts of our lives, slowly or speedily, but surely. Human judgement, empathy and creativity won’t go away.

Repetitive tasks will be replaced by AI, and the new found efficiency will give us a chance to be more effective. This is the crux of the larger argument about AI. 🆗

As a sales or marketing professional impacting your company’s growth prospects, the company is betting on you. Naturally you should have access to “great” tools. ✨

For instance, being able to piece together unique insights so that you can tell a compelling story to prospects and customers.

After all, when interacting with buyers, who likes to come across as “templatized” or “plain vanilla” especially amidst a sea of competition? 🏇


The tools available today are super inefficient for you to get unique insights on prospects and customers. Simply because they do not understand what your unique business is. 🏦

Try asking your favorite search engine for unique and relevant information about your target account – you will be left holding a bunch of links to sift through! Is that the best that you could get?

Without the knowledge that you are working for Company X, the tool only gives you what “it thinks” is relevant for you!😲

Picture this:

You have an important discovery call scheduled for 11:30am. It is 9am. On a normal day, you would have spent quality time researching the prospect and be ready with your A-game.

But today, you have a 9am daily standup, 930am – 1015am pipeline review with Sales Ops that usually stretches a few minutes more, and a 1030am-1130am calling block. 🕛

How do you still bring your A-game to the discovery call? Especially when past record shows that you always crush it when you walk into the call with unique insights on the prospect, and the target account? 💭

This scenario is surprisingly common in sales teams across the B2B universe today. We believe every sales professional should have the opportunity to bring their A-game and want to make you more effective. 💯

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