July 2, 2021

B2B Events are coming back in H2 2021 – Are you ready?

We love the freedom and liberty of working from home.

We also crave for meeting people and sharing our experiences with them.

In that respect, we are no different in business as we are in person.

No wonder in-person b2b events are slowly making a comeback, with appropriate safety and health precautions in place.

Business to business events of various scales are not far behind. Given this, how are you preparing for the rest of 2021 when hybrid (in person + online) b2b events become more common?

Ask any marketer investing in events, or events management professionals. They will tell you that the biggest impact from any event is not the event itself, but the preparation pre-event and the follow up post-event.

Now you have a fantastic way to build context and insights about the attendees for an upcoming event, by tracking them using B2Brain. Subsequently, continue to get insights on those attendee companies and make your follow-up messages a few notches more compelling!

Events referenced in the slides above: CIO Executive Leadership Summit, SaaStr Annual 2021, Enterprise Connect and Code2021

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