April 15, 2020

Our First Launch in ProductHunt

ProductHunt is an online community where product makers and users geek out on discovering cool new products.

B2Brain is designed keeping the user in mind

We have designed the product experience for Inside Sales professionals.

Our objective was to drive awareness among the early adopters. In addition, we sought feedback from users who are constantly discovering and exploring new products, and might also be associated with Sales.

Examples of such users are

  • Founders and entrepreneurs doing sales
  • Sales professionals associated with the startup ecosystem
  • Sales professionals who have recently entered the industry

We had a hypothesis that

  • The ProductHunt community had a good number of such people
  • Being featured amongst them will increase awareness of B2Brain
  • The community will provide valuable and useful inputs in the form of feedback/comments, if they discovered us

We got hunted on ProductHunt yesterday (14 April) thanks to Kevin

The team rose to the occasion, and reached out to our current users, as well as our networks, to help spread the word.

Over the next 24 hours, there were important questions posed to us:

Users also showed B2Brain some love!

For our team, it was a great experience learning real time from users, prospects and customers!

Our systems also had a great experience with all the spike in traffic, and the increased load.

The engineers were prepared to pull an all-nighter to keep systems going should there be any issues. But, despite the increase in load and usage, the product stood well, making them very happy the morning after 🙂

It takes a village to raise a child

The networks our team is part of, our users and the community that knows about us, had our backs through the launch!

People from this “village” reached out to their networks on their own, spread the word, shared some feedback and encouraged us!

Thank you so very much!

We continue to see a steady stream of traffic from PH, and referrals from folks who read about us / explored the product during this time. So, I’m wrapping up this post here, and getting back to work 🙂

B2Brain - Succeed at inside sales with context and intelligence | Product Hunt Embed

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