Salesforce AppExchange (Setup Guide)

Introducing another way to leverage the power of B2Brain within Salesforce.

The Official B2Brain Chrome Extension has helped Sales and Marketing professionals get the intelligence provided by B2Brain right within their browsers. However, it is limited to people using the Google Chrome browser.

Introducing the all new B2Brain for Salesforce. The application runs natively within Salesforce delivering the same intelligence and leads, right within your CRM across all browsers and devices.

This also means that your B2Brain is more secure, thanks to Salesforce AppExchange and their security review.

Installation and Setup Guide #

Prerequisites #

Before installing, ensure that your salesforce account has Full admin access including View access on any of the supported Salesforce Editions.

Supported Editions include:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Personal Edition (with API Access)

For Salesforce Personal Edition, if API access it not available, the B2Brain application would work with limited features including managing your target accounts, and seeing leads. However, importing leads directly into the CRM would not be supported.

Enabling your Salesforce Domain #

If your salesforce instance does not have a domain enabled yet, it’s mandatory to do so for installing any application from the App Exchange.

To enable/setup your domain you can either follow the steps from this Salesforce Trailhead or just follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your salesforce account
  2. Click Setup and look for My Domains from the Quick Find search box on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Select My Domain under Company Settings
  4. Type the name of your domain (typically your company domain) under Choose your domain name section and click Check availability
  5. If your domain is available, click Register Domain, and wait for the domain to be published.
  6. If your domain is not not available, try with a different variant (Ensure that it’s not already enabled for your account)
  7. Salesforce sends a notification email once the change is done
  8. On the Notification Email click the Log in URL and login using your usual salesforce username/password.
  9. Once your testing is complete, you can return to the My Domain settings and click Deploy to users to enable it for everyone.

B2Brain Application Installation #

  1. Install App

You can install the B2Brain Salesforce App from the AppExchange on Salesforce by using the “Get it now” button.

2. Select a “Connected Salesforce Account” and hit Install in Production

(use the Install in Sandbox option if you want to try it out first)

3. Accept the Terms & Conditions

We recommend selecting the “Allow the provider to contact me by email, phone, or SMS about other products or services I might like” option so that we can keep you updated on your account status as well.

4. Click on Confirm and Install

5. Select Install for all users and click Install

The install process can take upto 10 minutes. Salesforce would send you an email once the installation is complete and ready for setup.

B2Brain Setup #

B2Brain works on the Leads, Contacts and Accounts record page on the Sales, Sales Console, and Marketing app.

For each of the pages, we need to add the B2Brain Lightning Component on the page.

Let us go through the steps to add B2Brain to the Leads page.

  1. Go to the Leads record page for Sales, Sales Console and Marketing app.
  2. Using the Gear icon on the top, select the Edit Page option.

3. Using the search option on the left, search for B2Brain in the components list, and drag it to where you want to see it on the respective page. We recommend it above the Related widget.

We also recommend you set the height for the component to 600px. Default is set to 300px.

4. To save the changes, click on the button which says Save on the top right. Once changes are saved, click on Activation and click on Set as App Default.

On the following screens, select Desktop and click Next twice.

5. Click the Back arrow (top left of the screen) to go back to the record page.

Once this is done, B2Brain would be working fine on the Leads record page.

We recommend that you add B2Brain to the Leads, Contacts and Accounts record pages on your Salesforce. This ensures that your sales reps can readily access the intel.

Go here to read up more about how best to use B2Brain within your Salesforce workflow for discovering intels, viewing and importing leads.

Mapping Leads #

Your Salesforce might be set up such that:

  1. When new Leads are being imported from third party vendors, you want to import into your Leads or to your Contacts record. Please let us know where you would like to get B2Brain leads imported, and we will configure it for your company accordingly.
  2. Your lead or contact record contains a set of mandatory fields. Please review this document to learn about the fields B2Brain will supply and the process to configure additional mandatory fields.

For any other help, or assistance feel free to reach out to us at