Digging the internet in the name of generating pipeline? Not anymore. With B2Brain, automatically receive account intelligence and put your best pitch forward. With B2Brain Slack app, stay on top of all intelligence for your target accounts, right within slack and close better with your sales team.

Visit your B2Brain Dashboard / Integrations Page #

If you are not logged in to B2Brain, use one of the options presented to login to B2Brain.

Connect Slack #

Under the Collaboration section, locate the Slack card, and click on the Add to Slack button. You can learn more about the integration by clicking the Learn More button.

Authenticate your Slack account #

Login to Slack with your login credentials, and give B2Brain the required permissions. Just hit the Allow button.

If you have any clarifications on what these permissions are, and what they do, you can click on them and view more details.

And that’s it #

B2Brain and Slack are now connected.

Here, you can also configure if you want notifications on Slack alone, or both, Slack and Email.

If you face any issues, please reach out to support@b2brain.com and someone from our team will help you promptly.