July 22, 2022

Five intelligence tools to help SDRs close accounts smarter and faster

The ‘Intelligent’ Sales Approach

Sales intelligence, for the uninitiated, is the process of collecting relevant data to gain in-depth insights about your prospective and existing customers – to better focus your pitch, team strategy, target account leads, and conversions. Simply put, it helps you understand your customer better. The more you know about your prospect, the easier it is to create a message that really resonates with them.

In the long run, tailored campaigns can also dramatically increase engagement value, leading to a better customer experience and of course, more sales. 

Identify What You Need

To get started, figure out what you need first.  Sales intelligence tools curate data in myriad different ways. Some of these include:

– Identifying people who are likely to be interested in your product, so you don’t waste time on people who are not.

– Mining online resources to provide insights on tools, products, or topics that your prospect is keen on.

– Platforms to reach decision-makers at crucial points to close a deal.

Five Intelligence Tools Every SDR Needs


Why spend hours scouring websites for contact information when you can have a real-time people search engine? This 10-step AI engine researches, verifies emails, and directs dials in real-time.


This integrated cloud-based platform can help you track and convert new prospects, with accurate, actionable insights, contacts, and company information.


Prospecting can be simple and effective. LeadIQ makes sales teams more efficient at outbound prospecting by capturing and sequencing contact information with one click.


Manage everything from the opening of an account to closing it, all on a single app with Salesloft. It has all the integrations needed for every stage of digital selling, and automatically syncs all activities on your CRM.


This AI tool automates prospect research and gives you personalized intel on a customer’s company plans, deals, finance, hiring, product launches, fundraising, etc. These valuable insights can help you customize a sales pitch, or strike while the iron is hot to land a new account.

B2Brain also offers a free trial where SDRs can track upto 10 accounts. They can also test the other features that B2Brain offers including integration into CRM/SEP tools and team collaboration tools. Try it out today!

Here’s to a successful sales quarter and great conversions, through smarter strategizing and even smarter intelligence – cheers!

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