July 29, 2022

Enterprise outbound sales on a shoestring budget

The term ‘outbound sales’ has developed a bad rep over the years because of cold calling and aggressive pitches. When SDRs reach out to unsuspecting prospects without considering their needs, interest or situation – they are setting themselves up for failure, and a liberal dose of frustration. So the first step is changing the approach. And this is best done with a sales intelligence tool like B2Brain that scours dozens of data sources and hundreds of companies to prune down a viable list of leads that will find value in what your company has to offer.

Remember, outbound sales is about reaching out to potential new customers to build relationships and close deals.

And relationship building is best done when you have intel on your prospect.

This includes:

  • Products or services in the company
  • Funding rounds
  • Key players to build a conversation with
  • Hiring and expansion
  • Company’s context that makes you a fit for them now

By introducing account intelligence for relevant and personalized selling, you are more likely to close deals and fast.

Often, however, using AI and a bouquet of sales tools to accomplish this end can be considered a drain on your company’s resources.

Consider this breakup:

  1. CRM – Salesforce (~$150)*
  2. SEP – Outreach or Salesloft (~$150)*
  3. Account and Contact Data – Zoominfo (~$200)*
  4. ABM Platform – 6sense, Demandbase (~$150)*
  5. Conversational Intelligence – Gong, Wingman (~$100)*

* Indicative prices: In the absence of published pricing of vendors, these are approximate amounts learnt from users of these products. YMMV. 

Enterprise sales teams spend an average of $800-$850 per rep per month on sales tools and tech stack. When staring down the barrel of budget cuts, myriad sales tools, multiple data enrichment services and lead lists can get too expensive for small businesses and sales teams.

What if we told you that you can actually build an enterprise pipeline with just two essential tools?

Sales engagement platform + Account intelligence = Results

Now you’re looking at less than $250 a month!

An effective way to downsize your tools for increased impact is to find options that cover multiple areas instead of one. Once you have the list of accounts to target, B2Brain can give you account intelligence + relevant leads for those accounts. This is not just a massive time saver but also a funnel accelerator for you. 

Armed with the right talking points for the leads on these target accounts, you can engage in relevant, compelling and personalized outreach. Now, you’re taking massive strides using just one tool. The best part? Most of your research and insights is entirely automated.

Meanwhile, a Sales Engagement Platform (SalesLoftOutreach) helps your team interact with prospects and customers across multiple channels in a streamlined manner. This prevents overlaps, keeps the team leader in the loop, and helps track progress. Sales Engagement Platforms have optimized the UI for easy access, good productivity and task management, making your entire outreach effort more efficient. 

Now that your infrastructure is in place, your SDRs can focus their time on actually making the calls, sending those follow-up emails, crafting pitches that make an impact, and building relationships with your prospects. All while demonstrating compelling reasons as to why your product or service will up level their business.


 Here are some nifty tricks of the trade for your teams to be stellar at outbound sales:

1. Impress in 7 seconds: We’ve all heard that a first impression is the best impression, yet most people bumble through their introduction. Practice your introduction with your full name to deliver an air of importance, your company’s name, and your call’s purpose. Keep it simple but make sure you command respect in your tone so they remember you.

2. Don’t apologize for interrupting: This sets a precedent that your product or service is unimportant. Instead, add a sense of urgency to your tone that is indicative of a value add that is about to make their life a whole lot better. This isn’t gimmicky if you’ve done your research and are calling with an awareness of their pain points and requirements ahead of time.

3. Engage, don’t peacock: Account intelligence is most beneficial for building a conversation where the prospect feels understood because of all of the specific details you know about them. But this is best executed by leading with a compelling question that creates a dialogue. Trumpet everything you know in a monologue and even if you come across as informed, the prospect will quickly tire of you.

Getting started with enterprise outbound? And looking to get equipped? Here is what someone similar had to say about their B2Brain experience:

Feedback from a user who tried B2Brain - it makes prospecting a breeze, it automates rote work and helps top of the funnel

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