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Accelerate your Client’s pipeline and grow your business

What kind of Agencies find B2Brain valuable?

Content Marketing / Demand Generation Agencies

Sales Development / SDR Services Agencies

Account-based Marketing Agencies


What models can we work with?

Agency Commission based on Client’s consumption

Discounted Pricing if you wish to buy and use B2Brain on Client’s behalf

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Personal and Team plans?

Glad you asked.

Personal is for individual reps to track a limited set of accounts they are working on. Every month, they can update the list of accounts to be tracked – but the total number tracked each month is based on their subscription plan.

Team plan ensures that your entire book of accounts is constantly tracked by B2Brain, and you get Account intent, Insights as they emerge, along with relevant Leads, all inside your System of Record (CRM) or System of Engagement (SEP).

Don’t you have cheaper personal plans?

Explored the B2Brain Insights Trial yet? Trial users will find more options for personal plans, with

How can I get more accounts to track for free?

Use the unique link in your B2Brain dashboard to invite your friends and colleagues. For every referral who sets up a trial, you get 1 extra month on your plan!

How do I calculate B2Brain’s impact on our pipeline?

We thought you might like to see this ROI Calculator to figure out what sort of impact B2Brain can have on your investment and your pipeline.

Why are you doing Account based Pricing?

If you are managing an SDR motion and/or selling to Enterprise/Mid-market segment, it is quite likely that you have a defined list of accounts from which to build the pipeline (based on your ICP).

In such a case, you are always looking for insights on these accounts, so that you can engage them better – be it new logo prospects, accounts in the pipeline, Opps that are taking long to close, closed-lost, or churned accounts.

Therefore, having insights on these accounts + knowing their intent related to your business are beneficial for your pipeline.

To align with your need and our value proposition, B2Brain has introduced Account-based Pricing.

How can I use intels for my outreach?

With every account that you track, you get Insights and Talking Points. Now you can also get Account-based Cadence messages for various use cases:

  • Cold outreach via email
  • LinkedIn Outreach
  • Formal introductions
  • Churned customer re-engagement
  • Closed-lost reactivation

Go on, give it a shot – thank us later!

Got any more questions?

Feel free to reach out and we’ll sort it out right away!

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