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You want to invest in sales tools that deliver ROI. Budgets are tight (and will be, for a while to come). Sales person productivity + effectiveness + efficiency is paramount for your sales team to attain quota and for your business to hit revenue numbers. Naturally, you wonder how an investment in B2Brain can be justified? Especially when there are umpteen sales tools clamouring for attention.

Explore the above calculator. Read on to learn how B2Brain impacts your business in 2 distinct ways – BDR Effectiveness and BDR Productivity.

BDR Effectiveness

This year, it is imperative that your BDRs use all the means available, to increase the number of quality meetings they can set up for your reps. Imagine that they can set up an additional 1-3 meetings every month because they have more insights about specific target accounts. Even if you apply nominal conversion percentage from Meeting to Opportunity, that can create fantastic additional pipeline for your business. Use the calculator to explore these numbers, and see the impact on the pipeline for yourself!

BDR Productivity

On an average, BDRs prospecting into Enterprise and Mid-market accounts, spend between 30-45min researching each account! Assume your BDR is working with an account list of about 75 accounts per month. This means, they are spending more than 1 week every month, on google + linkedin! Imagine that they had the right insights about each account, without spending hours and hours on research. They can focus more on personalization and outreach instead.

Unable to decide? Don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself or hear it from our customers.