Found something interesting? Add with B2Brain
February 15, 2023

Say Goodbye to Research Hassles

Found something interesting? Add with B2Brain

Research is fun, right? You get to indulge in a lot of new information, gain knowledge, use your findings to prospect better.

Account Research with the right tools can make me fun and happy
Happy looks like this 🙂

Of course, it’s always nice to learn something new until

  • it stops being fun 🙁
  • it becomes tedious, tiring, and repetitive…
  • the excel sheets and haphazard notes slow you down so much, you wish things were better!
Without the right tools, even with the best of google results, I only get frustrated
Haha, dwight knows when it gets frustrating!

We thought the current research process was working well for most SDRs and BDRs. At least until Binisha and Sridhar heard this story from one of our users:

I pick an account from my list, do different searches on google, look through the results that come, and visit the sites and pages, one-by-one, looking for interesting information about the target account that I can use to personalize my message. When I find something interesting in a site, I copy the site link and the specific information, and paste them into 2 columns of an excel file. Like this I do it for every account on the list. Usually this process consumes about 15-20 minutes per account. And because I’m kinda in the Flow mode, I end up researching multiple companies in one sitting. Once I get back to my workspace – mailbox or CRM or SEP, and start my outreach, I have to go each time to the excel file, to refer my notes for each account, see what I’d written down, and then personalize my messages. Because I work with 10’s of accounts at any given time, and new information continues to come up for them, often the excel files multiply, and I end up spending time trying to get the right notes for a given outreach touch point. This often gets painful and frustrating.

The manual process of copying and pasting information into a spreadsheet or notepad or post-it only tests your “copy paste” or “Ctrl C Ctrl V” skills at the expense of your productivity!

On one hand, I have speed and convenience of google, OTOH these paper demons to contend with!!
OMG! How can I get back to be more productive?

So, how do you get back the fun in account research, and become happy with your results?

There had to be a better way to go about research that does not put you through this rocky rollercoaster. This got us thinking hard and deep, until we stumbled across an idea that could make your life a whole lot simpler and better.

Spend less time researching, even lesser time taking notes and organizing, and more time doing what you do best – personalizing your outreach and winning the hearts of your prospects. Sounds fun? Makes you happy?

Now my account research via google and other websites just became more powerful

This is where B2Brain comes in, with a new and improved feature that allows you to save intels directly from the web to your CRM! Now you can do your research, save them, get the insights you need, in your workspace, whenever you need them. In fact, ANY interesting piece of information can be saved in 2 clicks, and readily accessed in your CRM, SEP, Collaboration tools or the B2Brain dashboard.

Best of all, this is a Freemium offering – so you don’t have to pay us a dime for researching even 100’s of accounts.

What else can't you guys do??
Surprise and disbelief? Already?

We even saved you the trouble of going through extra steps to use this feature. Add B2Brain for Chrome from the button below, and get started. That is all!

Easy isn’t it? Start right away, and let us know what you think about the experience.

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