The sales and marketing landscape is evolving rapidly. This means newer terms, terminology and lingo will enter the conversation. Here is a glossary that we keep updated periodically, as we see and hear about these words and phrases.

  1. SDR – Sales Development Representative: People who usually reach out to, engage and qualify prospects. A target persona for B2Brain.
  2. BDR – Business Development Representative: Often similar in role to SDR. Depending on the company you are talking to, they may either be called SDR or BDR.
  3. Inbound: An inquiry or indication of interest from a lead or prospect, that came in via one of the communication channels – website chat bot, sign up form, support email.
  4. Outbound: Opposite of inbound – you chose a particular prospect or lead to pursue, probably because they seem very similar to the kind of customers you can service well.
  5. Outbound / Inbound + SDR / BDR: Often, when companies have both the inbound and outbound channels working well, they will designate people managing inbound with one title (e.g. BDR) and people managing outbound with the other (e.g. SDR). If they don’t want to confuse or manage the two titles, then they will designate “Inbound SDR” and “Outbound SDR”. There is no science/art or right/wrong here. It is usually a function of the title(s) that the sales leadership in conjunction with management+hr is most comfortable with.