Pembina insights for prospecting on B2Brain

Account Insights for Pembina Pipeline

If you're offering solutions to simplify operations for oil and gas companies, particularly those eyeing opportunities with Pembina Pipeline Corporation, you're in the right place.
Pembina insights for prospecting on B2Brain

Globally there is increased emphasis on sustainability and mitigating climate change. Oil & Gas companies are embracing digital technologies to optimize operations and improve efficiency.

Knowing how these companies prioritize their efforts and how your solution might be able to influence them, is crucial when executing your outbound strategy.

We will analyze one such company for insights relevant for your outreach strategy – Pembina Pipeline. A dynamic energy transportation and midstream provider that has been making waves with its strategic initiatives aimed at expansion, market diversification, and technological advancement.

As the company sets its sights on expanding into the US market and shifting towards premium end-user markets, particularly lighter hydrocarbon fuels, it presents a compelling prospect for tech providers specializing in midstream and upstream operations.

For companies offering solutions tailored to midstream and upstream operations, such as ComboCurve, Quorum Software, PakEnergy, BlastWave, and Yes Energy, gaining insights into Pembina’s technology investments and focus areas can be a game-changer.

Check out the video below to find out how to leverage insights on your target company and level up your prospecting game.

Accessing timely insights and market intelligence is integral to successful prospecting efforts. 

By capitalizing on insights using B2Brain into Pembina’s technology investments and strategic direction, your sales teams can now tailor their outreach efforts, engage prospects more effectively, and position their solutions as indispensable assets aligned with Pembina’s vision.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Dive deeper into Pembina’s insights and set up your free 14 day trial today!

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