Your unfair advantage

Account intelligence on autopilot for competitive sales teams.

Digging the internet in the name of generating pipeline? Not anymore.
With B2Brain, automatically receive account intelligence and put your best pitch forward.

14 days. 10 accounts. No credit card.

Sick of manual account research? We’ve been there.

Nothing gets your emails deleted faster than
generic messaging. You have to know your customer.

But keeping up with dozens of data sources, hundreds of companies, and thousands of news alerts is a recipe for stress and dull pitches.

Goodbye robotic pitches. Automate all of your account research with B2Brain.

Get intel with one click.

Easily gather key insights, funding rounds, mentions in the news, leadership changes, political scandals, and just about anything else. Add your target accounts and watch the data roll in.

Intelligence + Talking points > Any other data dump.

Not all intel is relevant. Our AI engine determines the right thing to say at the right time. All updated in real-time and delivered straight to your CRM.

Target the right people. Automatically.

Your efforts are worthless if they’re going towards the wrong people. B2Brain recommends the right leads to help you course-correct or just open new avenues in the same account.

Works where you work.

The software in your tech stack should talk to each other. Integrations with leading CRMs. No lengthy setup process. B2Brain works on day one.

See how B2Brain is tailored for you.

For SDRs

  • Easy to use
  • No more dull pitches
  • Get time back in your day
  • Power up your prospecting game

For SDR Managers

  • Predictable prospecting process
  • A must-have in your sales tech stack
  • Supercharge your sales team
  • Ramp SDRs much faster

Sales teams who are “in it to win it” pick B2Brain.

Ranked #2 in the new-age sales tech stack, after CRMs.

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Leverage automated account intelligence with B2Brain and put your best pitch forward.

14 days. 10 accounts. No credit card.