Walmart Account Research

  • Walmart is the world’s largest retailer
  • 2.3M employees as of Jan 2022
  • US$ 572.8 Billion in annual revenue

Getting Walmart logo as a customer on your website is a prized possession for many a sales person.

Who should research Walmart?

Walmart operates over 10,500 stores worldwide. This mammoth business requires highly scalable, robust and resilient systems that support operations such as supply chain, logistics, warehousing, distribution, and financial operations. Naturally, SDRs, BDRs and AEs in such industries for whom Walmart is a target account, research the company before doing the outreach.

You normally start searching for searches like “walmart supply chain” or “walmart logistics” only to be given a million results. A million results only makes the search engine looks good. What about you?

Search results for walmart supply chain

Supply Chain insights about Walmart

Imagine you want to understand what is going on in Walmart related to supply chain – strategic initiatives, corporate objectives, projects they are working on, challenges they are encountering and plans for the coming months.

You are so used to playing the click-read-close-next game with search results, that you might choose to go through search results one by one, until the 57th result has something interesting. But by that time, 25 minutes are over!! Can there be a better world? What if you could see intel like this:

Intel that you can use, to create compelling outreach messages + Leads you can reach out to

In under a minute, you now have a beautiful insight to create compelling outreach message for key people at Walmart that are working on supply chain and sustainability (see more and try for free).

Procurement insights about Walmart

Sourcing and procurement are strategic for Walmart’s business. Building in efficiency on an ongoing basis helps Walmart keep its net margins intact, and thus increase shareholder value that the street loves. If you are building procurement systems, sourcing or spend management systems for direct or indirect costs, and are selling to enterprises, you want Walmart to be a customer.

How would you like to use insights from Walmart’s 92-page 2022 annual report to fine tune your pitch for Ashraf or Jason? Want to give this a try?

Make it easy for Walmart’s sourcing and procurement execs to get interested in you

A great intel makes YOU look good.

This bodes the question – why only Walmart? Why not research Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Target, Kroger and other national retailers? Try them all from here.