Accelerate your pipeline with account intent and insights

B2Brain empowers sales teams to drive targeted strategies, build stronger relationships, and close more deals by leveraging intent signals and insights. Stay ahead of the competition with unparalleled visibility into your target accounts.

Trusted by Sales and Marketing Leaders selling to Enterprises in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Oil & Gas, and other Industries

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Why B2Brain?

B2Brain empowers B2B sales teams selling cutting-edge tech solutions (software, hardware, and software-hybrid) to top-tier enterprises across diverse vertical markets. Our comprehensive account intelligence solutions cater to the needs of customers targeting manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, healthcare, logistics, supply chain, and construction industries.

Faster and better pipeline

Teams that don’t share insights and learning from target accounts, have an incredible ability to build a very slow and tepid pipeline. Often filled with people who love status quo. Who do you see in the mirror?

Engaging prospects with great outreach

Your prospects get spammed all day, every day! Doing what everyone does, only gives your team a sense of “belonging”, but does precious little to your pipeline. Is this where you want to belong?

Working on impactful accounts

Heard of Pareto Principle, or the 80-20 rule? If 80% of pipeline impact comes from 20% of accounts in your TAM, imagine working on the remaining 80% of the accounts, and not getting pipeline!!

Intels delivered in your workspace

You focus on personalized outreach via email, linkedin or phone. B2Brain integrates with your favorite pane of glass. logo
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Hear from our customers and users

Set up conversation with a hard-to-crack account, within a week of starting with B2Brain.

12% higher responses with personalization using B2Brain intel.

The quality of insights and leads improved the personalization significantly for Auditoria’s prospects.

B2Brain is the tool to have if you are in sales! The lead B2Brain sent me was  the perfect persona with an account I had been trying to get into for months.

At Lightlytics, Context is King. B2Brain effortlessly supplies relevant context and leads, allowing our messaging to be personalized and efficient.

Until B2Brain, I never understood how to be so "personalized" and scale a high volume of accounts. This tool solves that nicely and will be relevant for most SDR teams.